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More Yellowstone Savages

Squatters in Paradise

James Perry cuts loose in his memoir of twenty-five years as a concession employee in Yellowstone National Park. Although his outlook is often jaded and sometimes sarcastic, his viewpoint is honest as he withholds very little in describing life in the nation’s oldest and largest national park. My outlook in A Yellowstone Savage: Life In Nature’s Wonderland is decidedly more optimistic, as he readily points out with a funny jab about the potential for singing Kumbaya around the campfire in my version. Although our voices and tones differ, we share an honest love and reverent respect for Yellowstone, a place where hardy souls endure sometimes unforgiving working and living conditions for the privilege of calling it home.

I enjoyed noting the differences in lifestyle of new age “Savages,” concession employees that he sometimes refers to as “Parkies.” Mobile satellite dishes?? Technology has intruded. I also noted a plausible theory about the origin of Yellowstone Christmas, considering documentation of the traditional version is vague at best. So much food for thought. James and friends’ invasion of the CUT (Church Universal and Triumphant) compound was brazen and delightful. What an adventure! I tip my Savage hat to James. I was leery that this might be an angst filled tirade, but it came off as more honest and straightforward than diatribe. Bring on more memories, Savages! There’s plenty of room.

My book, A Yellowstone Savage: Life In Nature’s Wonderland, was published in 1988 in trade paperback, and was published as an ebook in 2013.
This was the first Savage memoir of its kind, initiating a cult following, and inspiring others to publish, preserve, and share their own stories and versions of their memories and life in Nature’s Wonderland.

Joyce B. Lohse

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Yellowstone Savages Reunited

Savage Shadows

Savage Shadows

There is nothing like a weekend in Yellowstone National Park to clear the brain and boost the soul. For me, time spent with friends from Savage Days, when we lived and worked together long ago in Yellowstone Park, made the journey more meaningful and enriching. After this summer, punctuated by loss and sadness, my soul was elevated by time spent with friends in a place where stunning natural beauty and abundant wildlife speaks volumes to my heart and spirit.

As time goes on, solid long-lasting friendships grow in importance and increase in scope. During years accumulated since spending a season working together in Yellowstone Park, my posse of pals has shared more wonderful memories and adventures than you can imagine. While our group has grown through families and extended lives, we’ve found new ways to enjoy our explorations and learn from sharing and seeking new paths. In this way, the place has been augmented by assorted people and new experiences. Pioneers exploring the American West, past and present, learned more from shared experiences, especially as seen them through different eyes.

Old Faithful

Old Faithful

I hoped to return to Yellowstone with a new electronic version of my book, A Yellowstone Savage, ready for market. Somehow, the summer slipped away, and that task was sidetracked by more important matters. However, a revised Savage is in the works, and will be coming soon. Watch for its arrival while I relish revisiting the story of my Savage friends, and find new avenues to enrich the text while we continue to add to our ongoing story.


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