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A Palmer Tribute

A Palmer Tribute —

What is it?

A free open house event to celebrate Colorado Springs founder, General William Palmer, will take place at the Evergreen Cemetery Chapel in Colorado Springs on Friday, July 17, from 1 to 4 p.m.

Author Joyce B. Lohse will discuss General Palmer with visitors, with a computer slide show on display. She will be available to sign books, including General William Palmer: Railroad Pioneer, which will be available for purchase. Books by Joyce appeal to history buffs of all ages, and are appropriate for young readers. Dianne Hartshorn of A Perfect Era and Blanche’s Place will appear in character as Palmer’s wife, Queen.

General William Palmer: Railroad Pioneer, ISBN 978-0-86541-092-3,
list price $8.95, is available through booksellers, or from the publisher, . Check author web site for appearances and information at . To learn more about the Victorian Era and historic costumes, go to: and

Please join us for conversation about
history and books at A Palmer Tribute.
— Joyce & Dianne

General audience – public welcome!

Joyce B. Lohse, 7/7/09

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A Victorian Funeral


Folks might think it a little strange that I would voluntarily spend a springtime Saturday enjoying a funeral. We drove down to Colorado Springs to watch a Victorian funeral procession, escorted across town by police cars, as it entered Evergreen Cemetery. A hearse and carriages were hitched to draft horses, with antique cars at the end of the parade. Local history experts portrayed General William Palmer’s family and friends 100 years after the fact.

Some special friends of mine, fellow members of Women Writing the West, participated in the enactment. Doris McCraw arrived in a white carriage accompanied by “Buffalo Bill”. Way to go, Doris! Dianne Hartshorn was prim and proper as one of the mourners in a black dress with shoulder cape and short veil. Guests were encouraged to place evergreen fronds on the gravestone, as was done at the original funeral, 100 years ago.

Portions of the crowd later adjourned to the Pioneers Museum for a splendid presentation about Palmer by archivist Leah Davis Witherow. It was a memorable day of honoring Palmer, a pioneer who built railroads and cities in Colorado. My biography of Palmer is scheduled for publication in April. “Legends, Labors, and Loves” from Pikes Peak Library District, which includes my work, is sold out, but is scheduled for another print run next month.

Joyce Lohse, 3/22/09


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Justina Ford’s Story

February is Black History Month. Currently, I am preparing a presentation which will take place at the Colorado Springs Pioneers’ Museum on February 21, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. The subject is Justina Ford, Colorado’s first African American female doctor. During her career between 1902 when she arrived in Denver, and 1952 when she passed away, she delivered over 7,000 babies. “The Lady Doctor” turned nobody away. She made house calls when she was not allowed to practice in the hospital. This suited many of her clients just fine. After all, many of them could not be admitted to the hospital due to ethnicity or lack of funds. In addition, some did not speak English, or their culture made childbirth and medical treatment in their home preferable. Dr. Ford was extremely capable and determined to bring her patients the best care possible. She was also knowledgeable about preventing germs and infections. Calmly and deliberately, she practiced medicine and took care of her people. By the end of her career, she achieved recognition for her work during a half century as a doctor.

To learn more, read my award-winning book, “Justina Ford: Medical Pioneer”, part of the “Know You Know Bio” series from Filter Press. Order information can be found at,, and Also, the Black American West Museum is located in Dr. Ford’s home at 3091 California Street in Denver. For more information on the museum, visit

Joyce Lohse – 2/10/09

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