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Tattered Cover – the author’s friend

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In the Denver area, we are fortunate to enjoy the services of the Tattered Cover. It is not only a remarkable independent bookstore, but is easily one of the finest bookstores in the United States. Speaking at the Tattered Cover when a book is published is an honored passage relished by authors near and far from all levels of experience. When you present at the Tattered Cover, you are treated like literary royalty as you are asked to sign one of their volumes of ledgers, a treasured collection of author signatures over the years, and then sign your own books for those purchasing them and awaiting the magical personalized touch of your signature.

Last weekend, I attended my friend Linda Wommack’s presentation regarding her latest book, Colorado’s Landmark Hotels, published by Filter Press. It is a wonderful collection about majestic Colorado hotels which have endured over the years, allowing visitors enjoyment of the past and the nostalgic atmosphere they maintain. Accompanying the book is a music CD by Jon Chandler, a talented country singer of ballads with historic themes, which is icing on the cake of this beautiful book. I’ve visited many of the listed hotels during my years living in Colorado, and I have already made a reservation to check into another one during my presentation schedule this summer.

When asked how the project came about, Linda said this:

Who doesn’t love a Victorian hotel?

That was sort of the starting point of point as I began my research for “Colorado’s Landmark Hotels.” So much of my early reading included hotels that had been destroyed or demolished for one reason or another. I wanted this book to include hotels that were open to the public so that I could tell their story, hopefully in a way that the reader would like to visit these historic treasures. In further research, I learned there are only 30 hotels in the state that have either State or National Historic Preservation status.   

From the tiny four room Creede Hotel to the five-star Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, each hotel has it’s own character, charm, and yes, history. I hope people will enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed the research and writing. And maybe they will have a hotel road trip in their future!

~Linda Wommack

Thank you, Linda, for providing this wonderful and fun resource!
Joyce Lohse,


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Scenic Views from a Desk Chair

When I was young, one of my favorite toys was a ViewMaster. When you held the device up to your face and looked into the eye holes, a vast array of scenic views in a quasi-3D format unfolded. This was my first exposure to treasures such as the Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns, Garden of the Gods, and Old Faithful Geyser. As I pressed the lever down, the reels transferred the beautiful images before my eyes, around and around, again and again. Little did I know that I would leave the Midwest as a young adult, and would live near these scenic areas in the Western United States during my entire adult life. To this day, I keep a ViewMaster and a few reels in my desk drawer. Since my son was more attached to his GameBoy, I felt no qualms about repossessing as my own the magical viewing device we must have given to him on a birthday or Christmas.

Cave Without A Name

Cave Without A Name

I had not indulged in a peek at these secret treasures in some time, so I recently gave it a whirl. There they were, the same scenes I relished as a youngster. I’ve visited most of these places by now, or at least something like them. For instance, I’ve never been to Carlsbad Caverns, but I’ve seen Cave of the Winds in Colorado Springs, and Cave Without A Name near Boerne, Texas. The scenes there were equally as thrilling and possibly more adventurous due to their remote locations. I never cease to relish the views of the West and to appreciate the many ways to enjoy the land and its illustrious history. When time and money are sparse, or I’m feeling confined to my desk chair, I can always rely on the trusty ViewMaster to lift my soul with the beauty and wonder of the most scenic places in our country, and beyond, at least for a while.

Joyce Lohse,


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